Middle East

Is Global Peace Hanging on the Precipice?

This article first appeared on YourCommonwealth Prime Minister Theresa May’s bid for early elections flowed directly from the 2016 EU referendum. On the other side of the Atlantic, 2016 campaign rhetoric relating to U.S. foreign policy on China, Syria and Russia had been at odds with the recent sharp turns President Trump made on his journey as president of the United States. President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 7th, 2017, and days later stated in an interview that China [...]

Marrying 22

I had hoped to get married to 22 men. Yes, and I say this very frankly. I had thought and hoped that getting married to specifically 22 men would change the whole world and put in place all the wonderful values that guarantee the presence and existence of an ideal and balanced society. Before I dive deeper into this and before you, the reader, misunderstand me and jump to conclusions, I need to add some details and contextualize this previous [...]