Harnessing Tech Innovation for the SDGs – Leaving No-One Behind

The 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) runs until Monday 25 September. Speeches from different heads of state commenced on 19 September. The much-anticipated debut of President Donald Trump on the world stage took place on Tuesday. He applauded the African Union and United in his debut speech for “[leading] peacekeeping missions [and] to have invaluable contributions in stabilizing conflicts in Africa”. Among African heads of state, President Alpha Condé of Guinea was the first African to take the international stage. [...]

Is Global Peace Hanging on the Precipice?

This article first appeared on YourCommonwealth Prime Minister Theresa May’s bid for early elections flowed directly from the 2016 EU referendum. On the other side of the Atlantic, 2016 campaign rhetoric relating to U.S. foreign policy on China, Syria and Russia had been at odds with the recent sharp turns President Trump made on his journey as president of the United States. President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 7th, 2017, and days later stated in an interview that China [...]


Part II: Cautious Euphoria Part I of this two-part essay delved into the rise of India’s radicalized citizenry, and its manifestations in the form of unexpected political mandates and responses to tough policy decisions. In the following piece, I mention reasons to be cautious, while also harping on the possible reasons behind this phenomenon in the Indian context. Why the cheerleading? While they could be several and diverse, at least three important trends come to mind. The proliferation of easy-to-access media platforms [...]


Part I: The Rise of a “Radicalized” Citizenry It is at the least tricky and at worst dangerous writing such a piece when it is plausible that between now and publication, much of what the reader will read herein might change dramatically. Yet, this seems too important a phenomenon to be missed owing to what one may call ‘writer’s risk aversion’. By means of this word of caution, I, hereby, insure myself against this piece’s possible obsolescence in the days [...]