The Global Communiqué is an online resource that provides analysis of current affairs, international news and geo-politics, with a focus on the sub-Saharan African region.

The Global Communiqué seeks to contribute through the following ways:

  • Research and writing content and articles on issues that cover international development, media and communication, law and politics;
  • Conducting interviews with stake-holders at both the high-level and the grassroots; and
  • Dialogue at international conferences.

The Global Communiqué aims to engage in debate and dialogue in seeking to understand multifaceted and complex global issues.


Lead Writer and Researcher:

Mary-Jean Nleya is the lead writer and researcher for the Global Communiqué. She is the former co-host of Declarations, a podcast from the Centre of Governance and Human Rights at the University of Cambridge. Mary-Jean is the 2019 Open Internet for Democracy fellow.

The History

The Global Communiqué was founded in December 2016 as a digital magazine with contributing authors from Malawi, Germany, the US and India.

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