Soha Tarek

MENA (Middle East & North Africa)

Soha is an Egyptian freelance journalist and trainer who is constantly seeking to evaluate her professional skills by working with different media outlets and attending courses with Global Institutions and news agencies. She considers the Egyptian revolution of January 25th 2011 and the following transitional period as a major turning point in her career in journalism. Since 2011, the main political events she covered were the Egyptian revolution, the presidential elections and the parliamentary elections.

She started her professional career nine years ago while she was studying at the Faculty of Law, particularly in the French section. She started her career as a reporter in many local newspapers, and later started working in Gulf newspapers, mainly the Al Sharq Al Qataria daily newspaper, where she gained experience and became specialized in writing political and cultural reports, as well as covering women and youth related issues. She started working for Deutsche Welle Akademie in 2014 as a journalistic trainer and a supervisor for a project entitled Women Voices. The project aims to prepare recently graduated professionals for a career in media

Soha has completed various courses in journalism and politics through global news agencies and universities, such as Reuters, International Center of Journalism in Washington, University of Pennsylvania.