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Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting & Constituent Forums Conclude

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting of 2018 (CHOGM) and its constituent Forums – the Commonwealth Business Forum, People’s Forum, Women’s Forum, and the vibrant Youth Forum – have wrapped up. Ahead of the gatherings by leaders at CHOGM, each of the Forums had mandates over the initial three days to discuss, debate and to ultimately provide recommendations to the heads of government. The Commonwealth Youth Forum concluded on 18 April 2018 when it culminated in the announcement of a [...]

Critical Discussion on Migration, Education, Trade, Climate Change & More on the CHOGM & CYF Menu

Day two of #CHOGM2018 reached a crescendo at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre on 17 April 2018 when the day’s activities were opened with a musical performance encompassing the diversity of the Commonwealth. Following the instrumental rendition, representing Commonwealth states, was a joint-forum plenary with the following speakers: Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May, Microsoft founder and Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Gates, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Patricia Scotland, Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew [...]

Fifty-Three Commonwealth nations

Fifty-Three Commonwealth nations represented by young leaders & their heads of government in London

The anticipated Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 (CHOGM) kicked off today in London and Windsor as 53 national flags of all Commonwealth nations-states line in Westminster’s Parliament Square. The heads of the various Commonwealth states (and their envoys) came to London to attend the biennial summit. The Commonwealth Youth Forum, People’s Forum, Women’s Forum and Business Forum are running concurrently with CHOGM 2018. The Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) also attracted young leaders from across the Commonwealth to attend discussions [...]