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Marrying 22

I had hoped to get married to 22 men. Yes, and I say this very frankly. I had thought and hoped that getting married to specifically 22 men would change the whole world and put in place all the wonderful values that guarantee the presence and existence of an ideal and balanced society. Before I dive deeper into this and before you, the reader, misunderstand me and jump to conclusions, I need to add some details and contextualize this previous [...]

Africa’s Elderly Presidents in a Young Continent

America (as the beacon of democracy) has in the recent campaign trail arguably resembled African politics in some ways. The 2016 campaign for the US presidency was what many would call ‘brutal’, and I argue almost as ‘brutal’ (figuratively) as it gets in some African countries. Why do I say that? Simply because, it was one where on numerous occasions arguments deviated from rational policy debates; to rather focus on individuals’ temperaments. Here we are in 2017 and the campaign [...]

Nigeria’s Market Women Express their Views on Matters Relating to Nigeria’s Economy

In this second edition of The Global Communiqué’s ‘Grassroots Reporting’ section, we take you – the reader – to Lagos, Nigeria, specifically to the vigorous and energetic Ikotun Market – a marketplace in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos state. The Global Communiqué engaged in conversation with three different market women. Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest economies, slipped into an economic recession in 2016. Nigeria was particularly hit the hardest by the decline of global oil prices which make [...]


Part II: Cautious Euphoria Part I of this two-part essay delved into the rise of India’s radicalized citizenry, and its manifestations in the form of unexpected political mandates and responses to tough policy decisions. In the following piece, I mention reasons to be cautious, while also harping on the possible reasons behind this phenomenon in the Indian context. Why the cheerleading? While they could be several and diverse, at least three important trends come to mind. The proliferation of easy-to-access media platforms [...]